Monday, October 17, 2011

Strange Buildings on Mars

Strange Buildings on Mars

Many people do not believe in the existence of a life on another planet, but there is also the opinion that in addition to our earth there is life, whether it’s on the planet which kta not know because there are planets whose structure is similar to the planet Earth, so the possibility still exists life on earth than we are.

 mars structure 1 Strange Buildings on Mars
This time an American citizen named David Martines found a strange building that exist on other planets, specifically the planet mars. By using google map mars him find an object like a building with a length of about 700 feet (210m) wide and 150 feet (45m).

Martines named these findings with the title “Bio-Station Alpha” because he considers that there is a life there or have no life there.

When viewed from its shape, this structure such as a power plant, a protective and containment of biological or it could be a garage or airplane hanger.

With such a large size, this building is like a cylinder or cylinders are made of. Whoever put these objects must have a specific purpose . This could be a way station and tourist stopover space (space traveler) for transit. Or it could be owned by NASA, I do not know that they’ll admit it. ”

“I do not know if they (NASA) could do a project like this without all the people saw it and did not know all the building materials and equipment delivered up there. I kind of doubt that NASA had nothing to do with it “.
In fact, I also do not know if NASA had known about it or not, “he added.
please see the video below to see more details.

Other people can see it for yourself, because the location is at a strange object coordinates (49’19 73. “N 29 33’06 53.” W) white long. whereas the part of Google and NASA still does not answer questions from the media about this

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